Das Bild zeigt einen Arzt, der bei einer jungen Patientin eine Augenuntersuchung durchführt.


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Musculo-skeletal loading as a function of age

  • Analysis of musculo-skeletal loading during fracture healing and aging
  • Musculo-skeletal loading in dia- and epi-physeal fracture of the femur, tibia and humerus
  • Material properties and structure of bone as a function of age
  • Pre-operative, load optimised planning of fracture treatment in metaphyseal fracture of the femur and tibia
  • Characterization of the influence of the operative approach on fracture healing
  • Formulation of standards for the experimental testing of new implants or devices
  • Establishment of a validated database on musculo-skeletal loading in healthy individuals: Loads and strains in long bones

Biology of Fracture Healing

  • Characterization of the biological healing process in bone defect healing and healing of shaft fracture: Loading, biomechanical quality of the regenerate tissue, histology of callus formation
  • Relating biological outcome to mechanical conditions from musculo-skeletal analysis and transfer of animal experimental findings to patient relevant situations
  • Establishment of a database on the histology and histomorphometry in respect to the mechanical loading environment